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Wu Wei for the Western World

Explore and practice how to ancient Chinese path of effortless-action.  It was called Wu Wei by ancient Taoists.  It was also described as akarma-karma in the ancient Vedas. Likewise, it was called “Living in the Will of God” by recent Christian Mystics.   Today, it is most often misunderstood or forgotten in most spiritual paths; but, it is one of the most powerful foundational practices that modern mystics absolutely need to learn how to do.  Fortunately, Greg Leveille has developed a modernized Wu Wei practice for mystics and spiritually minded seekers. 

Learn the modern Wu Wei practice with GreggoJi at your own pace.   Create your own personal Wu Wei Path with our help.  Wu Wei for the Western World is comprised of ten 60-Minute course sessions that employ powerful contemporary meditation practices and insightful perspectives, with the potential to enable and empower you to learn how to effortlessly float through life while learning how to become easily detached from the Virtual Matrix of your mind-body awareness.

Course Benefits

Course Outline

Full Course Cost $149

Additional Free Course Resources

Ancient Perspectives

10 Bonus Podcasts 60-90 minutes each

on Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Guided Meditations

10 plus short guided meditations

to empower you spiritual practice

2 Live Seminars

Optional participation in two online 90-minute Zoom Webinars and a Q&A session during Q1 2022

Personal Counseling

Two 20-minute private counseling sessions with Greggo Ji

Free Access

Free access to all new videos and podcasts about Wu Wei and guided meditations

On-Going Support

Join our growing community of new spiritual adepts and modern mystics

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