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Every Integral Consciousness course is taught by Greg Leveille - the only modern mystic that has fully explored, documented and abided, for long periods of time, in all 22 levels of Transpersonal Awareness including Source/God Awareness.

Every online course also includes (1) a series of 10 to 40 Podcast classes that fully explore every pertinent detail in the course, (2) ancient wisdom from numerous saints describing key perspectives, (3) guided meditation practices, (4) 2 personal interviews with Greg, (5) 1 year of additional bonus podcasts that provide an even greater depth of information, and (6) an on-line half-day seminar for all course participants. 

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22 Mystic Regions of Integral Consciousness

For more than 5,000 years the greatest mystic secrets were only passed on "orally" from one saint to another.  The details remained hidden in oral traditions and poetic metaphors for thousands of years, and were only partially defined and written down in the last 200 years.

The Anurag Sagar mentioned that there are 18 levels of consciousness, but did not define them.  Soami Ji (1818 to 1878) and his disciple Babu Ji (1861 to 1949) partially described 9 of these 22 regions.

And now, in the 21st century the task of explaining the entire 22 Regions has fallen to Greg Leveille.

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Awakening the Soul as the Silent Observer

Explore and practice the best proven methods to clearly understand how to go permanently beyond the virtual matrix of the mind, how to begin to awaken the soul and how to reach the first level of enlightenment.

A simple course on spiritually minded practices is not nearly enough to properly awaken the soul.   The only sages that can awaken the soul are those - like Greg - that have abided in the highest possible levels of integral consciousness.

Greg has been teaching this course to thousands of students over the past 20 years. 

The Wu Wei Practice for the Western World

Learn the most advanced modern, ancient and secret methodologies of the middle way, or Wu Wei, mystic practice. 

It is impossible to reach the highest levels of mystic, integral consciousness, without mastering this practice.

Most modern Wu Wei teachers only discuss the first two spiritually minded levels of this ancient practice.   But the real Wu Wei mystic path that Greg teaches is a very subtle mystic life style that potentially enables new seekers to "live in this world without being of it."   It's an integral consciousness path that truly goes beyond the need to think.

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Ancient Wisdom about Integral Consciousness

The most important mystic paths were taught by advanced sages that had reached - and learned how to abide within - the highest levels of consciousness. 

Greg Leveille is teaching a modernized version of this same mystic path.

This course includes a treasure of mystic wisdom from dozens of ancient saints including: Yu Shih, Wu Hsin, Lao Tzu, Li Po, Ribhu, Ashtavakra, Zoraster, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Saint John, Kabir, Meister Eckhart, Rumi, Namdev, Hafiz, Dadu, Guru Nanak, Mira, Sultan Bahu, Tulsi Das, Soami Ji, Ramana, Babu Ji, Nisargadatta, and many other great sages.

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