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Ancient Wisdom on the Mystic Path

Explore 3,000 years of ancient, middle-age and modern teachings from 35 of the greatest mystics that have ever lived on Earth.  This course on Ancient Wisdom includes 40 different enlightening podcasts by the contemporary mystic Greg Leveille on a wide variety of Taoist, Buddhist, Vedic, Krishna, Christian, Sufi, Zen, Sant Mat, Sikh, Radha Soami and Direct Consciousness mystics.    

Learn how all these great poets, philosophers, gurus and saints have described the same basic mystic teachings and meditation lifestyle.  Discover the modern age version of these mystic teachings and practices with GreggoJi at your own pace.  The Ancient Wisdom course is comprised of 40 recent 60-Minute course sessions that explore penetrating and enlightening meditation practices and insightful perspectives.   This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of transpersonal consciousness and the intriguing potential to tread this mystic path yourself. 

Course Benefits

Course Outline

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Full Course Cost $249

Additional Free Course Resources

Mystic Perspectives

40 Podcasts of 60-90 minutes each

on Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Guided Meditations

10 plus short guided Meditations to empower your spiritual practice

2 Live Seminars

Optional participation in two online 90-minute Zoom Webinars and a Q&A session during Q1 2022

Personal Counseling

Two 20-minute private counseling sessions with Greggo Ji

Free Access

Free access to all new videos and podcasts about Mysticism teachings and guided meditations

On-Going Support

Join our growing community of new spiritual adepts and modern mystics

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