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22 Mystic Regions of Integral Consciousness

For the first time in modern history, it is now possible to explore the prerequisites, the characteristics, and the new perspectives that one can experience in all 22 Regions of Transpersonal Awareness.   Greg Leveille has spent over 50 years, and many previous lifetimes, of intensive meditation practices to carefully examine and define these precious levels of clear awareness.

The world is rapidly changing.  It is the best of times and the worst of times – which quite often enables and empowers new eras of important spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Join us now to become much more knowledgeable about what it takes to reach all these levels of clear integral consciousness and to also understand how that changes the outlook and capabilities of the mystics on this path.  This is the greatest journey that any man or woman can take.

Explore these 22 levels of integral consciousness with Greg at your own pace - in your own home or office.  The 22 Regions of Transpersonal Consciousness course is comprised of 10 enlightening 60-Minute online training sessions that explore the details, the meditation experiences, the insightful perspectives, and the new capabilities that mystics experience as they progress through these new levels of clear awareness.

Course Benefits

Course Outline

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Full Course Cost $249

Additional Free Course Resources

Ancient Perspectives

10 Bonus Podcasts 60-90 minutes each on Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Guided Meditations

10 plus short guided meditations

to empower you spiritual practice

2 Live Seminars

Optional participation in two online 90-minute Zoom Webinars during Q1 2022

Personal Counseling

Two 20-minute private counseling  sessions with Greggo Ji

Free Access

Free access to all new videos and podcasts in Awaken Your Soul productions

On-Going Support

Join our growing community of new spiritual adepts and modern mystics

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