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Integral Consciousness

The Final Frontier in the Exploration of Transpersonal Philosophy and Psychology

Prerequisites, characteristics, experiences and insight for 22 different regions of non-cognitive, transpersonal awareness.

Transpersonal Awareness

Non-cognitive transpersonal awareness is a state of pure awareness that is totally devoid of thoughts, emotions, memories, imagination, intent, effort, strong self-perspective, time, body awareness and world awareness.

​Transpersonal awareness happens spontaneously and produces a sharp, clear awareness characterized by a subtle, or non-existent, sense of  self-awareness and significant increases in harmony, bliss, equipoise, "oneness,"  and totality of consciousness. 

​There are 22 separate, but integral, regions of consciousness - with significant differences in levels of awareness, bliss, interconnectedness and totality of consciousness.

​The highest levels of multi-state consciousness and source consciousness enable mystics to maintain the awareness, wisdom and qualities of these regions even in lower regions of personal and transpersonal awareness. 

Based on over 50 years of extensive mystic meditation by Greg R. Leveille, and by hundreds of other ancient mystics.

22 Fully Defined Levels of Consciousness

William James created the initial theory of "Transpersonal Consciousness" over 90 years ago.

Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung and Ken Wilbur made remarkable, theoretical contributions, but the actual, experiential definitions remained undefined - until now.

Greg R. Leveille has extensively explored, mapped and defined all 22 Regions of Integral, Mystical, Transpersonal Consciousness.  

Available by December 2021
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Who is Greggo Ji?

Greg R. Leveille is just a simple man endowed with special gifts that enabled and empowered him to be able to help mankind in many ways.

His numerous, high-technology microcomputer inventions have significantly helped our entire civilization to become much more productive and knowledgeable.  

In a similar manner, his insightful, podcasts, his descriptions of easy, mystical meditation practices and his detailed definitions of the 22 regions of transpersonal awareness promise to help guide mankind for many years to come.

As a Mystic

Greggoji is the world's leading expert on Integral, Transpersonal Consciousness. 
Greggoji (Greg R. Leveille) was blessed as a child with a strong, natural ability to effortlessly float for hours at a time in advanced stages of non-cognitive, integral, transpersonal awareness.  This meditation lifestyle grew more intense over time.  Eventually he was spending 4 to 10 hours a day silently practicing the ancient mystic art of direct awareness. After 50 years of intensive meditation, he has gone beyond the limitations of the virtual matrix, far beyond mind-body awareness and very far beyond the early stages of mystic enlightenment.  Greg has thoroughly and rigorously explored and defined all of the 22 Mystic Regions of Integral Consciousness - including the ultimate/divine region of Source Consciousness.

As a Businessman

Greg Leveille was the world's leading expert on microcomputer advanced technologies and business planning strategies. 
As a technically gifted Fortune 50 systems engineer Greg Leveille was the original inventor of the first microcomputer operating system (MINQ in 1972), the microcomputer spreadsheet (1972), presentation graphics software (1980), the first microcomputer Pro Forma business modelling software (1981) and the digital smartphone (1982). 

Greg received the Who's Who Among Computer Executives award 5 times. He was a top executive at Northern Telecom, Motorola, The Gartner Group, ITT and Verizon.   He also gave more than 1,000 keynote presentations to leading high technology companies, the United Nations, the WHO, the IMF, the AMA, the World Bank, and several countries.

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"The teacher you have been looking for is your own soul, empowering you to know and love yourself completely"
- Greg Leveille

Over 200 Hours of Podcast Perspectives By Greg Leveille and Other Mystics


Thanks to the Supreme Soul who works through you to help me to shift my attention upward.  Now I just have to stay there as long as possible.
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